The Outset are pleased to be joined by Momentus founder, James Perryman at this online event where he’ll share valuable tips and advice to help you and your business push through these uncertain times, and continue to reach your potential.

You’re already good – a successful business, an ambitious individual – but you’ve probably experienced some challenging business and/or personal moments over the last 5-6 months!

As an individual entrepreneur or owner of a small to medium size business, it’s your responsibility to adapt, lead and motivate yourself and your organisation through change, aswell as keeping your customers happy.

It’s not easy though is it?

Has it become hard to keep yourself and your people motivated to continue amidst so much uncertainty?

Have your people become distant, less collaborative and communicative with each other?

Are your customers feeling the pain of your challenges?

Are you questioning what the future of your business or career looks like?

Momentus works with businesses and individuals to address their challenges around:
Career and leadership development
Team effectiveness and engagement
Customer experience and engagement

Their work results in increased clarity, confidence and resilience, bringing the best out of people individually and collectively, and creating every day exceptional experiences for customers.

Attendance at the event is entirely free and open for any business to attend. The session will start at 10.00 (bring along croissants and coffee).

Click here or on the link to register –

The Outset plans to create a series of events. We are starting with our breakfast events and will then be rolling out our program of Learning @ the Outset events and also our wellbeing programme Calmer @ The Outset which will include yoga and mindfulness sessions.